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Eyes on Wheels
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Serving Massachusetts and Rhode Island

Expert vision care to your door.

With our 20/20 Bus, we just roll up. You pop in. You're back at your desk in the time it takes to get a coffee.

Schedule a Visit Online Call Us: (781) 805-5008

  • 320+
    Companies use our service.

  • 19,593
    Happy patients seen.

  • 70%
    First-time patients haven’t had an exam in over 2 years!

“2020 gave our employees a way to take care of a critical aspect of their wellness, their vision, in a very convenient way that only took them away from their desk for about 15 minutes.”

– Crystal N. McDermott, Benefits Manager

Schedule a Visit Online Call Us: (781) 805-5008

How it Works for HR:

customer-serviceQuick phone chat to gather info and schedule visits.

emailYou get an email permission slip to send to staff and students with a link to our booking system.


Patients sign up - we handle the rest.

Patient Benefits

1. For once, you'll actually look forward to a doctor's visit
2. You'll be treated with high-end equipment at a lower cost
3. You'll love our doctors
4. You can be in and out in 15 minutes
5. You'll be covered by insurance

Contact Us Today

Call Us: 781-805-5008

Whether you’re thinking about getting an exam with us, or you’re a wellness manager looking to bring us to your company, we’re excited to hear from you and want to answer your questions.

Mobile Eye Care in Massachusetts and Rhode Island

Employers, Health Care Providers and Care Givers know that vision health is an essential part of everybody’s lives. Good eye health keeps people active, productive and engaged. It is an investment in quality of life and it is something that gives back- employees feel better and work better, patients live healthier, more active lives and people’s overall health improves across the board.

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Our Mobile Eye Clinic has everything a person needs to get a quick, thorough examination done. We can do a comprehensive eye exam in 15 minutes and have a patient selecting their new frames or contact lenses on the spot. We are a full service mobile eye clinic serving both Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Call us today to learn more about what we can do to help you!

How this Story Begins…

We had a vision- we wanted to bring full service eye care to those that needed it most- people that are working hard during troubled times but were not able to take the time off to take care of themselves. People that were isolated and cut off from normal eye care services or people that lacked the mobility to get out to their local eye doctor- the sick, the elderly and their caregivers. Times have been hard and we wanted to make it easier. Office places, factories, seniors residences, dare cares, schools and everywhere in between.

We needed a way to bring the eye care to them- wherever in Rhode Island or Massachusetts they might be.

Our mobile facility started as a humble RV from Michigan that was driven over by the Doctor’s parents. It was in good shape but needed to be overhauled and turned into an advanced eye care facility.

The renovation started with the frame- removing surplus windows and filling the spaces left behind, working on the frames and rewiring the vehicle so we could get lighting just right and get our advanced equipment set up properly. Equipment was brought in and installed and with some love and 16 months of hard work we managed to create our Eyes on Wheels!


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