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When Should Children Start Wearing Contact Lenses?

We get Worcester parents asking us all the time - At what age should my kid start wearing contact lenses? Glasses can be a problem for kids who are active in sports or other activities that can lead to them breaking. So what could be the problem?

Potential problems with kids wearing contact lenses

The following are concerns parents have about their children getting contact lenses:

  1. Will my child be trusted to keep good hygiene with the contacts and keep them clean?
  2. Will my child lose the contacts?
  3. They are often difficult to insert and remove from the eye, leading to frustration.

Young Teen Girl 1280×480So what should I do?

The answer is that it depends. Our eye doctors say that if you feel your child is mature and responsible enough to wear contact lenses than we would be happy to fit them for the contact that best suits their eyes. In general, we recommend investing in daily disposables lenses so there is less of a concern if a pair is lost. Give us a call so we can discuss the best options available for your child.